Drinking, Drugs and Driving

If you drink, the chances are that at some point you have driven when you are over the legal limit, which in every state is a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .08. For most people, (although your body mass may effect this), if you drink about two and a half beers or two and a half shots of hard alcohol, if stopped and asked to take a preliminary breath test, you will exceed the legal limit. If you do, you will be handcuffed, placed in the back of the police car, driven to the police station, spend several hours in the lockup, and be issued a ticket for drunk driving. And then the real fun begins.
Unless the police had no reason to pull you over, you generally will be convicted. You will be put on probation for at least one year, you will be required to submit to random alcohol tests, you will spend about ten thousand dollars in legal fees, probation oversight fees, and increased insurance rates, and lastly, wish you had called a taxi or Uber. Although you might spend $50 on the ride home, it is a lot cheaper than the alternative.

Drunk driving is one of the most common crimes in America. If you are driving after the sun goes down and change lanes without signaling, an officer will have the power to pull you over; you broke a traffic law. And they pull you over for one reason, they want to smell you. Even one beer will leave a telltale odor or maybe, you smoked some weed. And if they smell liquor or drugs, they will have “reasonable suspicion” to require you submit to field sobriety tests and alcohol or drugs tests.

The best advice is, if you spend the evening with friends in the bar, don’t drive. And certainly, never smoke weed in your car, the smell lingers for a long time. Getting busted for drunk or drugged driving means losing your freedom and being under the thumb of the Court for several years. And believe me, you will regret it.