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Being arrested and charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) will change your life Even someone who thinks you are coming on to them sexually can land you in big trouble. Besides damage to your reputation, your family, and being placed on the sex offender registry you will probably go to jail or prison. You need an experienced and aggressive CSC Defense Attorney to fight for your reputation, freedom and life.

When you have been accused of a sex crime, by the very nature of the crime, people will think the worst of you. Individuals accused of committing a sex crime are commonly treated as if they are guilty even before they know the facts, and long before you have your day in Court to dispute the allegations. At Schmierlaw, we firmly believe that every client is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. We have experience defending individuals who have been accused of a sex crime and we are committed to providing you the Best Criminal Defense Possible.

Indecent Exposure and Aggravated Indecent Exposure

Michigan Compiled Law 750.335a defines indecent exposure as knowingly exposing one’s or another’s genitals, buttocks, pubic area, or breasts (if female). If you are convicted, you are subject to a maximum $1000.00 in fines, court costs, and up to 1 year in jail. If the alleged perpetrator, fondles any of the aforementioned parts of his or her body, the the charge will be enhanced to Aggravated Indecent Exposure and the penalties increase to $2000 and 2 years in jail. And if the alleged perpetrator has been deemed “a sexually delinquent person” than he or she are facing a capital crime or a potential life sentence. There are exceptions for mothers that are breastfeeding.

If You are Facing Indecent Exposure Charges
Indecent exposure is charged in a wide variety of situations, and there are numerous legitimate defenses for a lawyer to help you with. Nude or partially nude sunbathing, public urination, changing clothes outside, streaking or other dares can all lead to charges of indecent exposure if the acts are misconstrued. But to convict you of indecent exposure, the prosecutor must prove that there was a sexual intent to whatever actions were observed

An Experienced Attorney Can Advise You
In some cases where the prosecutor’s evidence is very strong, a trial may not be a good option. But a criminal lawyer will still defend your rights, investigate the case, and look for opportunities to suppress evidence or get the case dismissed. A criminal lawyer can also put the incident in context, along with mitigation, in order to obtain a fair and favorable plea bargain for you

A sex crime charge can ruin your reputation and harm your career. In some situations, you may be required to register as a sex offender. To avoid unnecessarily harsh consequences, these charges need to be taken seriously from the very beginning. In addition to statutory penalties, the social consequences of an indecent exposure or public lewdness charge are too extreme to have anyone other than experienced lawyer on your side.

Criminal Sexual Conduct

In Michigan, criminal sexual conduct (CSC) includes a wide range of sexual assault crimes. When someone is arrested for a crime such as rape, statutory rape or child molestation, the charge will be criminal sexual conduct.

There are four degrees of criminal sexual conduct or CSC:

  • First and Third degree CSC, involve penetration
  • Second and Fourth degree CSC, involve touching without penetration
  • The difference between First and Third and Second and Fourth is based on the relationship between the accused and the alleged victim
  • First, Second, Third Degree and CSC Fourth Degree are all felonies, while Attempted Fourth Degree CSC is a misdemeanor
  • If you are convicted of any CSC charge, you will be required to register on the Sex Offender Registry
  • If you are convicted of First Degree CSC, you will be required to wear a GPS tether, and you could even spend the rest of your life in prison

If you have been charged with any Criminal Sexual Conduct or CSC Crime in Michigan, or if you think you are about to be charged, having an experienced defense lawyer on your side can make the difference in your case. Contact Schmierlaw to schedule a free consultation.

Internet Sex Crimes

If you commit sex crimes using the internet, someone will see what you are doing. Internet sex crimes are difficult because of the electronic trail that that often remains even if you delete your file. The fact is, the police might have been watching you for months and collecting evidence against you.

If you are convicted of an internet sex crime
You will be required to register on the sex offender registry, you will face damage to your reputation and most likely your career. On top of that, you could be subject to fines as much as $20,000 and serve up to 20 years in prison. With all that on-the-line, probably not the best time to go it alone without an attorney committed to providing you the best criminal defense possible.

With this type of case, you need an experienced and aggressive attorney who will examine every aspect of your arrest, make sure your constitutional rights are protected, and advise you on the best options to defend your reputation, freedom, and future.

While Defending against Internet Sex Crimes might appear daunting, there are strategies that we can employ to uncover the truth. For instance, a forensic examination of your computer cold identify the origin of any illegal file and just because there was kiddie porn on your hard drive does not mean you possessed it any more than if someone were to throw a pornographic image of a child on your lawn you would not have been deemed to possess it. And it’s common knowledge that a computer might be infected with viral files and the user is unaware of it.

Internet Sex Crimes are Taken Seriously by the Prosecution, You Should too
Convictions for sexual offenses involving the Internet carry serious consequences. You need all the help you can get. Schmierlaw has experience defending against charges of Using the Internet to Commit a Sex Crime and is committed to providing you the best Sex Crime Defense Possible.

Child Pornography

Charges involving Child Pornography or kiddie Porn
Charges involving child pornography or kiddie porn are some of the most serious charges a person can face. When there is so much at stake, having an aggressive and experienced child pornography lawyer is crucial to the success of the case. This includes knowledge of the law and effective defense tactics, but also knowledge of the facts. The Law Office of James G. Schmier, PLLC will answer your questions, investigate your case and provide you with effective child pornography defense representation.

The Law and Kiddie Porn
Child pornography is any depiction of a minor under 18 engaging in sexual behavior or in sexually suggestive poses. That includes photographs, motion pictures and other representations. Possessing any kiddie porn is a serious crime under both Michigan and Federal law.

In Michigan It is Against the Law to:
  • Possess child pornography
  • To Solicit a minor
  • Sharing images of children
  • Trafficking child pornography
  • Purchasing child porn items
  • Advertising for prostitution services
Possible Punishments and Penalties
  • If you entice a minor child to engage in sexually abusive activity for the purpose of producing any child sexually abusive material you could face $100,000 in fines and imprisonment for up to 20 years
  • If you distribute material depicting child sexually abusive material you could face $50,000 in fines and imprisonment for up to 7 years.
  • If you possess material depicting child sexually abusive material you could face $10,000 in fines and imprisonment for up to 4 years
  • In all cases you will be required to register on the sex offenders registry

If you are charged with using the internet to commit sex crimes, you face serious penalties. You could be subject to fines as much as $20,000 and serve up to 20 years in prison, plus you will be required to register on the sex offenders registry. With that kind of punishment, you need an attorney who will examine every aspect of your arrest, make sure your constitutional rights are protected, and advise you on the best options to defend your reputation and freedom.

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