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Someone, (Cynthia Allen) is Complaining About Me

Cynthia Allen had sued her condo association before and was suing them again for a slip on an icy sidewalk outside her unit. The Association, which had settled the last suit, was determined to fight this time. They also countersued for her refusal to pay her current condo dues or to pay thousands of dollars in back dues she owed.

Although Ms. Allen assured me she had witnesses to the fall and they would testify on her behalf, none could be found. Believing that without witnesses I would lose, I proposed a deal that she drop her lawsuit and the Association would forgive the thousands she owed. Ms. Allen refused. Unfortunately, she lost her slip and fall case but the Association won their case over the back dues. And when she didn’t pay as ordered by the Court or agree to a payment plan, the Condo Association foreclosed and she lost her home.

I am truly sorry that Ms. Allen feels betrayed and angry about losing her case and home, Everything was done to try and insure a better outcome but without any witnesses or other evidence, it became apparent that settling with the Association was in her best interests. Again, I am sorry that she did not feel this way.

Take time to read her complaints (they are all the same and signed Jewel James, Jewel Johnson, Ms.JJJ and others. She never used her real name) plus read her other complaints written about the other attorneys and judges that were involved in her case.

Also please take time to read the COMMENTS and LETTERS I have received from satisfied clients.