Using Your Computer to Commit a Sex Crime? You Could Be Off-line for Life
Internet Sex Crime Attorney Schmierlaw can Help if You are Accused.

If you commit sex crimes using the internet, someone will see what you are doing. And before things get out of control, you need experienced and aggressive criminal defense. Internet sex crimes are difficult because of the electronic trail that often remains even if you delete your file. The fact is, the police might have been watching you for months and collecting evidence against you. And once they have enough evidence you will be arrest and charged with using the internet to commit a sex crime.

To Prove an Internet Sex Crime the Prosecutor must prove
(1) You used a computer or the internet to commit the offense, (2) the person intended or attempted to commit conduct prohibited by the statute and (3) the person "believed" that the intended victim was a minor. What this means is that, even if the person on the other end of a computer chat line is an adult police officer, if you think it’s a child, you could be convicted.

If you are convicted of an internet sex crime
You will be required to register on the sex offender registry, you will face damage to your reputation and most likely your career. On top of that, you could be subject to fines as much as $20,000 and serve up to 20 years in prison. With all that on-the-line, it's probably not the best time to go it alone. You need an experienced internet sex crime attorney committed to providing you the best criminal defense possible.

With This Type of Case, You Need an Experienced and Aggressive Criminal Representation
While Defending against Internet Sex Crimes might appear daunting, there are strategies that we can employ to uncover the truth. For instance, a forensic examination of your computer could identify the origin of any illegal file. And just because there was kiddie porn on your hard drive does not mean you possessed it any more than if someone were to throw a pornographic image of a child on your lawn you would not have been deemed to possess it by merely looking at it or throwing it away.. And it’s common knowledge that a computer might be infected with viral files and the user is unaware of it.

Internet Sex Crimes are Taken Seriously by the Prosecution, You Should too
Convictions for sexual offenses involving the Internet carry serious consequences. Schmierlaw has experience defending against charges of Using the Internet to Commit a Sex Crime and is committed to providing you the best Sex Crime Defense Possible.

In Michigan It is Against the Law to Use an Electronic Devise to:
  • Possess child porn on your computer
  • To Solicit a minor online
  • Share pornographic images of children
  • Traffic in child pornography
  • Purchase child porn online

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