Sometimes… Good People Do Really Stupid Things

As Criminal Defense Attorneys, we understand that sometimes good people make really bad decisions and do really dumb things. Our job, as criminal defense attorneys, is to protect the rights of our clients, guide and counsel, protect you from a wrongful conviction and/or to get the best deal for you when absolutely necessary. Our mission is to lessen the impact a criminal charge will have against you, your family, and your life. Whether we think you ought to take the case to trial or advise you to take a deal, we will be with you every step of the way.

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Attorney James Schmier in Court

• Licensed in State of Michigan Courts

• Licensed in Federal Courts

• Magna Cum Laude, Cooley Law School

• Top 10% in nation, Multi-State Bar Exam

• American Bar Association

• Identified National Trial Lawyers "Top 100"

• Selected American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys "10 Best"

• Selected "Best of the Best", Lawyers of Distinction, 2019"

• National Business Institute, Guest Speaker "Michigan Gun Laws"

• Contributor, State Bar Animal Law Section

• Extensive Experience with Hoarding and Animal Abuse

We are Criminal Defense and Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

Schmierlaw is a Criminal Law and Drunk Driving Defense Firm that specializes in representing people in the Metro Detroit area who are charged with misdemeanors, felonies or drunk driving offenses. Schmierlaw promises to provide aggressive and experienced criminal representation with experience with the Courts, the prosecutors, and judges, We will give you an unbiased and realistic appraisal of your situation, explain all the options, and advise you as you navigate the Court system. Our goal is protecting your record and minimizing the effect a criminal charge or drunk driving charge will have on you and your family. Schmierlaw is experienced, affordable and aggressive in protecting your rights, freedom and future.

Schmierlaw knows how to tell your story

Lights, Camera Action...We'll Tell Your Story

The Courtroom is the stage and the other principals in the Courtroom are the actors. The Director is the Judge, and the lead actor is your Attorney. The other lead is the Prosecutor who, like in any movie, plays the bad guy who is paid to convict you. It's nothing personal but, like any actor playing a part, he has a script to follow. Before becoming a criminal defense attorney, I spent two decades as a film and video director with offices and a production company in Royal Oak. During the time, directing and producing films for different audiences and venues, one thing became clear, if you want to engage the audience, you have to tell a good story.

The same is true in Court. You must have an attorney who can tell your story, whether it's telling your story to a jury if you go to trial, telling it to a Prosecutor if you are trying to make a deal, or telling it to the Judge. The ability of your attorney to create a scene, involve the intended audience in your story, and get the jury, Prosecutor, or Judge to relate to your situation is going to make a difference in how your story is told but how it ends.

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Whether it is representation in a legal matter or just some legal advice, Schmierlaw can help. We specialize in Criminal and Drunk Driving Defense and can help you with any sort of legal issue which may arise including Felonies or Misdemeanors, Drunk Driving, Traffic Tickets, Juvenile Offenses, or any other legal concern which you may have.

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