We Have Experience in Juvenile Court
Schmierlaw has experience in juvenile court and is committed to providing experienced and aggressive juvenile defense. We make certain that every juvenile case is carefully considered and properly handled. We can can advise you and provide you with the best information you need to understand what a juvenile charge may mean to your child and their future. Juvenile defense is complicated because juvenile court is not the same as adult Court, so your attorney needs experience with the Juvenile Prosecutors and Juvenile Court.

Schmierlaw is committed to providing the best juvenile defense possible and working to protect the future of a juvenile charged with a crime.

A Juvenile Conviction is Serious Stuff
If you are a juvenile or your child is facing criminal charges, it is important to get the assistance of an experienced juvenile defense attorney. We are experienced in getting our clients into first offender programs and protecting them fro more severe outcomes.
A juvenile felony conviction can carry serious lifelong consequences and a juvenile conviction can effect a young person's future. And if you are a juvenile facing sex offenses charges, the long-term penalties are even more severe.

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