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Looking for a Job is Tough Enough You can set aside your conviction or expunge your Michigan felony or misdemeanor criminal record and truthfully say "I have never been convicted of a crime".

Under the current law, you can apply for a felony or misdemeanor expungement and wipe your record clean if you have no more than one felony conviction and two misdemeanors. Some offenses, however, like Drunk Driving and other Driving Related Offenses, Capital Offenses, and Criminal Sexual Conduct crimes are not eligible for expungement. You may apply to expunge your felony or misdemeanor if 5 years have passed since your conviction and your release from prison, jail, or probation.

You may not apply to have your felony or misdemeanor expunged if you have been convicted of another felony or more than two misdemeanors. In addition, if you have two misdemeanors and no other other convictions, you can have both misdemeanors expunged at the same time. The law to expunge your criminal record in Michigan has recently changed so contact Schmierlaw to determine if you qualify.

Michigan is Changing the Law Even if you don't currently qualify under the current law to expunge your criminal record, there is a bill making its way through Lansing that would substantially lower the requirements for an expungement. These changes are expected to be signed into law but when it will actually take effect would still be months away. Check back if you do not qualify now as the details of the new law become known.

There are several procedures that must be followed in order to get a Felony or Misdemeanor expunged in Michigan

Certain forms must be filled out, several agencies must be contacted, and you must appear before to Court to plead your case and explain why you should be granted an expungement. In Michigan, an expungement is not a right but a privilege, so getting it right the first time is important. An experienced Michigan expungement lawyer may be the difference between

This is what we will do:

We will fill out the necessary forms, you sign them, and get them notarized.
We will send you to the right agency to get the fingerprinting done.
We will obtain a certified conviction record.
We will fill out the proper forms, and send the applications to the appropriate agencies.
We will advise you of other things you can do to help convince the Judge to grant the expungement.
We will speak to the Prosecutor to make sure he has no objections.
We will schedule a hearing at the appropriate Court and appear with you.
We will work diligently to ensure you obtain the best possible outcome when applying for an expungement.

Answer these Questions to Determine if You Qualify for an Expungement.

Were you convicted of a crime that the maximum punishment is life in prison even though you may not have been sentenced to life?
Were you convicted of attempting to commit a crime where the maximum punishment is life in prison even though you may not have been sentenced to life?
Were you convicted of a sex crime or attempting to commit a sex crime?
Is the conviction you are trying to expunge a driving or traffic related offense, such as drunk driving or driving on a suspended license?
Do you have more than one felony and more than 2 misdemeanor offenses? (count convictions in other states).
Has it been less than 5 years since you were convicted AND released from imprisonment and parole or probation for the crime for which you were convicted?
Have you had a previous diversion like HYTA or 7411? If yes, it still is considered a conviction for purposes of getting an expungement.

If you answered "no" to all these questions, then you qualify to apply to have your felony or misdemeanor expunged.

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then until the Michigan Legislature changes the law again, you will not be able to expunge your criminal record in Michigan under the current law. There may be other solution based on your particular situation, so give us a call to discuss your case.

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