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Looking here? Things must be pretty bad.

You, someone in your family, or a friend may be in custody or facing arrest. Maybe the police have called and asked to question you and you don’t know your rights. You have questions and you need answers.

Schmierlaw can help. With nearly two decades of Criminal Defense experience, Schmierlaw provides legal services with a commitment to providing you Experienced, Affordable and Aggressive Criminal Defense. If you are charged, contact Schmierlaw for a no-cost, initial consultation. If you have questions…We have answers.

How Schmierlaw Can Help with Your Case

• We know How the System works

• May Have Worked with this Judge

• We Know What to Expect

• Handled Similar Cases in the Past

• Advise You on the Possible Outcomes

• Protect Your Record and Future

• Will Save You Money n the Long-run

• Payment Plans Available

• Will Work with You and Your Situation

Plus, We Will Tell You the Truth…
Not Just What You Want to Hear and Take Your Money. We are committed to providing you the best criminal defense possible

Schmierlaw Represents People Charged with Felonies, Misdemeanors...even Traffic Tickets

Civil Infractions
drivier in speeding car

• Most Traffic Tickets

• Not Considered Crimes

• No Criminal Record

• May Lower Fines

• May Reduce Points

• A Good Investment

Schmierlaw is an experienced and aggressive Civil Infraction and traffic Ticket Attorney who may be able to reduce the fines, the driving points you may get or Schmierlaw may even be able to convince the Prosecutor to dismiss a Misdemeanor criminal charge and recharge you as a Civil Infraction, meaning a criminal conviction will not appear on your record.

Prostitute arrested by police

• Least Serious Charge

• Appears on Record

• Up to a Year in Jail

• Employment Issues

• Effect on Credit Score

• Offenses like OWI

• Public Intox, Shoplifting

While misdemeanors have less long-term consequences than felonies, career prospects, credit score, and employment opportunities could be affected. An Attorney may be able to get the Prosecutor and Judge to sentence you under a Diversion Program that could keep your record clean.

Man on knees being arrested

• Most Serious Crimes

• One Year plus in Prison

• Probable Job Loss

• Loss of Gun Rights

• Loss of Parenting Time

• Lots of other Problems

Felonies carry significant consequences whether you go to jail or not. And Michigan has an ”Habitual Offender” law, that could result in being sentenced for up to life in prison. There are Diversion Programs that may keep a felony conviction off your record. An experienced Attorney can help. Call Schmierlaw for a no-cost initial consultation to discuss your case.

You Don't Want to Say "What Happened?" when It's Over

Some criminal defense lawyers will tell you only good things in order to get your business. The attorney promised you that you would “Beat the Rap” but then you find yourself convicted of a felony, facing 5 years in jail, and trying to figure out what happened?

Schmierlaw has nearly two decades of criminal defense experience and because of that, we know how your case may proceed and the possible penalties you could face. We won’t make promises we can't keep just to get your business. We will advise you on what can truly happen if you are convicted and advise you on steps to take to reduce the impact a criminal conviction will have on your life. We will tell you when we think it is in your best interest to take a plea deal or when you should battle the criminal charges in court. But always, however you want to proceed, Schmierlaw, is committed to giving you experienced and aggressive criminal defense.

So, if You are Charged with a Misdemeanor or Felony, Call Criminal Defense Attorney Schmierlaw. We are Committed to Providing You the Best Possible Criminal Defense

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Detroit Criminal and Drunk Driving Defense

• Experienced

• Affordable Prices

• Available 24/7

• No-cost, 1st Consultation

• Payment Plans

• Credit and Debit Cards

Whether it is representation in a legal matter or just some legal advice, Schmierlaw can help. We specialize in Criminal and Drunk Driving Defense and can help you with any sort of legal issue which may arise including Felonies or Misdemeanors, Drunk Driving, Traffic Tickets, Juvenile Offenses, or any other legal concern which you may have.

For the Best Criminal Defense Possible
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