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Try the Schmierlaw Criminal and Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer Quiz

We just added a new page to the website called the Schmierlaw Quiz. You can access through the "Home" menu or the "Site Map". Every couple of weeks, we will post a new case with a new set of fact patterns. These are real cases with real results of what really happened. When any person comes to Schmierlaw with a problem, we will look at the facts, look to other cases, consider the criminal laws and statutes, and discuss the various options available.

Read the cases and think about what you would do, what the law says, and what actually happened in this case. Information regarding the law, penalties, and any diversion programs that could be available can be found somewhere within the website. Try thinking about what you would do, why you might choose to one thing or another, and what actually happened in this particular case. Hopefully it will be an interesting challenge.

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