If you are charged with Malicious Destruction of Property or Vandalism, whether it be tagging, graffiti or defacing property, the result can be serious charges accompanied by severe penalties if you are convicted plus a criminal record, possible jail time or even several years in a state prison.

And under Michigan Law, the parents of a minor who is convicted of MDOP or Vandalism, may be financially responsible for the damage that their children causes. Individuals and parents of minors charged with MDOP or Vandalism need to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to handle their case.

The Crime against you may be either charged as a Misdemeanor or Felony and depends on the severity and extent of the damage caused. For a person to be found guilty of vandalism prosecutors must prove that they maliciously intended to damage or deface personal property of another person.

Schmierlaw is an experienced, affordable, and aggressive criminal defense attorney who can help you understand your case as well as help you get the best possible result in court. In some cases, your case may even be dropped if there is not enough evidence.

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