Sometimes a Police Officer or Prosecutor may decide to do easy on you. For instance, you are pulled over for speeding and the officer noticed some papers and some weed in a baggie on the front seat. While possessing the weed is legal in Michigan, transporting it the way you did is against the law. The Officer, being the nice guy he is and you, being the most polite guy in the world without any criminal history, offers to give you a ticket for Paraphernalia, a minor misdemeanor, rather than a more serious offense that, while weed is legal, still carries a negative stigma. You eagerly sigh with relief, go into the court when summoned, pay a stiff fine, and walk out the door.

Not so fast. This may not be the best thing to do. An experienced drug crime attorney may be able to get a better result that won’t result in a criminal conviction being on your record, even a minor one, like Possession of Paraphernalia. Because Possession of Paraphernalia is not prohibited by State statute but by local ordinance, there may be better alternatives than pleading guilty to this lesser charge.

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