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If You Are Charged with Heroin or Other Opiates

Michigan, like other states, has recently seen an increase in the abuse, transportation, distribution and possession of heroin and other opiates. Police and other law agencies are looking for opportunities to make busts and Prosecutor’s will file aggressive charges. The heroin trade in Michigan has increased in recent years as doctors have indiscriminately prescribed pain killers that becomes a heroin addiction as a patient needs more and more and when the price of heroin is less than price of the prescription drug.

If you or someone you care about has been arrested or charged with heroin possession, trafficking, transportation, distribution or dealing, it is a serious matter, and often includes some jail time.

In Michigan Heroin charges may also include:

• Possession with intent
• Heroin sales or distribution
• Conspiracy to distribute
• Possession of heroin
• Heroin paraphernalia

Schmierlaw Can Tell Your Story if You are Charged with Heroin or other Drug Crimes

There are diversion programs available to first time drug offenders, and even for repeat offenders, there are programs that consider all the facts leading to Heroin addiction or other opiate drug crimes. And with all the national furor in regard to the responsibility of drug companies, drug distributors, and physicians, you need an heroin and drug crime defense lawyer who will closely examine the facts of the case and work on your behalf to get the justice you deserve.

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