Commit a Felony and Possess a Gun, Even it Doesn't Work, You Face Prison
Felony Firearm Carries a Mandatory Two Years. You Need an Experienced Lawyer on Your Side

Felony Firearm is Charged If You Possess a Firearm and Commit a Felony

If you commit a felony and are in Possession of a Firearm you may be charged with Felony Firearm and face a mandatory 2 years in prison which is served before the crime you are actually sentenced for is served. You need an experienced and aggressive Felony Firearm Attorney to fight for your rights.

Generally, anytime you commit a felony with a weapon you will probably get charged with Felony Firearm. However, the law states that for certain felonies, you cannot be charged. An experienced attorney, who has experience with felony firearm and other gun crimes. knows what laws are what and can give you the advice you need when fighting a felony firearm charge. Schmierlaw has the experience to protect your rights and future and help keep you out of a mandatory two-year prison sentence if you are convicted of Felony Firearm.

Two Years is Mandatory...Even the Judge Can't Change That

Under Michigan law, an individual who commits a felony and has possession of a firearm, by law, will be charged with felony firearm. Possession can be both actual or constructive, for instance, you knew where the gun was and could have actually possessed it when you committed a felony. For instance, a defendant who was delivering drugs and had a gun in a car that was parked across the street, was convicted of felony firearm. So you don't even have to have the weapon on your person to get convicted of felony firearm.

There is No Probation for Felony Firearm.

If you are convicted of felony firearm, you will be facing a mandatory 2 years in prison and that 2 years will be served even before you start serving the sentence for which you were convicted. And the Judge does not have any discretion to give you probation instead of sending you to jail for two years.

If you are facing Felony Firearm charges, Schmierlaw is a felony firearm defense lawyer and will fight to protect your rights. We will aggressively challenge the Prosecutor to ensure that your 2nd Amendment freedoms are protected and provide you the best Felondefense possible.

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