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Troy, Michigan Retail Fraud/Shoplifting Defense Lawyer

Shoplifting or Retail Fraud is a Serious Crime in Troy. Schmiarlaw is Serious Shoplifting Defense

Why You Need a Shoplifting/ Retail Fraud Defense Lawyer in Troy

Troy, Michigan is a magnet for shoppers seeking an upscale shopping experience with a wide selection of high-end, luxury stores. And these stores in Troy are known for their aggressive prosecution of those accused of retail fraud or more commonly known as, "shoplifting."

The prosecutor and the police department have made it “policy cases” to charge those accused of shoplifting to the fullest extent of the law. Retail establishments are essential to Troy as stores pay significant taxes that keeps the city prosperous and residential tax rates low. And because shoplifting is a significant cost to a storeowner, they expect and demand strict enforcement by the city to protect their profits.

At many malls, starting when you get out of your car in the parking lot and ending when you leave the store, a camera or a store security officer is watching you. So everything you do in a store is observed. Generally, stores are reluctant to accuse you of shoplifting unless they feel they have sufficient evidence, because bviously, stores do not want a lawsuit or the bad publicity if you are falsely accused.

Crime of Retail Fraud

1. The store is open to the public

2. A person alters, transfers, removes and replaces, conceals, or otherwise misrepresents the price at which property is offered for sale

3. Intends not to pay for the property or to pay less than the price at which the property is offered for sale

• If the price was less than $200 and this is a first-time offense, then it is a misdemanor and the maximum punishment is 93 days in jail and a $500.00 fine.

• If the price was more than $200 and you have prior retail fraud convictions, you could face 2nd Degree Retail Fraud a one-year high court misdemanor or 1st Degree Retail Fraud, a felony.

• In all cases, you will face a civil fine of $200.00 which is payable to the store.

If You are Convicted of Retail Fraud

If you are convicted of the crime of Retail Fraud/ Shoplifting, it is a crime of dishonesty and this conviction could affect you for the rest of your life While you could face jail time, as a crime of dishonesty, a retail fraud conviction will affect your career prospects, reputation, credit, and your professional licenses Plus a retail fraud/ shoplifting conviction could be brought up in a divorce or parenting time proceeding. And as a crime of moral turpitude, if you are not a citizen and get convicted of retail fraud, you face the uncertainty of immigration becoming involved and you be deported.

• Damage to Reputation
• Could Effect Current Job
• Shows Up on Criminal Background
• Could Effect Travel
• Could Effect Immigration Status
• Could Effect Credit Score
• Could Effect Parenting Time/Divorce
• Criminal Records are Public
• Effect on Family

Contact Schmierlaw if you are Charged with Retail Fraud in Troy

If you are accused of or charged with retail fraud or shoplifting in Troy, you need to take it seriously. If you don’t have the experience in a Court of Law, trying to represent yourself could be a serious mistake. And while you could rely on a Court appointed attorney, you can hire your own lawyer. It may cost you more money, but you will have an opportunity to meet with your attorney before Court you can decide the attorney you feel best represented you, and most importantly, when you call a retained attorney, they will call you back.

In addition, a retail fraud attorney who is experienced with the Prosecutors and Judges at the 52-4 District Court, can probably save you lots of money on fines, court costs, or possibly even get your charges dismissed or a reduction of the original charges.

At Schmierlaw we will aggressively work to protect your rights, reputation, and record if you are charged with the crime of Retail Fraud/ Shoplifting in Troy, Michigan. Contact us for s free, initial consultation to all about your case.

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