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Fraud is a crime of dishonesty and being convicted of Fraud means you will be labled a dishonest person for life. Getting a job, a credit card, or even being allowed to go with your kid on a field trip could be affected if you are convicted. If you are charged or even suspected of Fraud, you need an experienced, affordable, and aggressive Fraud Defense Lawyer fighting for you. Call Schmierlaw for a free, initial consultation.

There are several different Kinds of Fraud

Criminal Fraud making another person give you something by lying or hiding a fact from the other person so you can cheat them.

Credit Card Fraud is buying something using someone else’s credit card or credit card number without permission. Credit card fraud is also related to identity theft.

Identity Theft occurs when someone uses another person's information like the person’s name, social security number or credit card number, without permission.

Mortgage Fraud includes lying about your income on a mortgage loan application, failing to tell the truth about other loans or credit card debt, asking an appraiser to deliberately overstate the value of a property, lying about whether you will live in the home or rent it, a scheme between the buyer and seller to hide the true sale value of the property, or using another person's identity to get a mortgage.

Internet Fraud includes online identity theft, hacking crimes, intrusion crimes, cyber assault crimes, illegal file sharing, breaching firewalls, or breaching computer security.

Schmierlaw Can Help You Beat a Charge of Fraud

If you have been charged or are being investigated for any criminal fraud matter, you need an experienced attorney to fight for your rights and freedom. We will investigate the matter thoroughly, use the latest technology, and use our extensive knowledge of the law to provide you the best defense possible.

Remember, many people accused of fraud have never been implicated in any criminal activity before and some fraud schemes are so complex that Prosecutors arrest people who are innocent of this crime. If your situation calls for an experienced fraud lawyer and someone to defend you against charges of fraud, contact Schmierlaw

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