A Conviction for DV May Mean Loss of Parenting Time, Gun Rights, and Even Going on Your Kids Field Trip
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A DV Conviction can mean Loss of Parenting Time, Gun Rights, and Even Going on Your Kids Field Trip

Whn the Police are Called, Usually Someone Goes to Jail

When police are called to a home or residence on a Domestic Violence call, they usually end up removing someone from the home. Police make an arrest on charges of Domestic Violence in order to diffuse the situation and prevent further problems. Even if you acted in self-defense or did not strike the other person, public policy requires the police to do something. On top of all of this, when you go in front of a Judge, a no-contact order will be imposed and one of you is not going home for a while. Better get a lawyer to help or find a new place to live for a while

You need a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney who will treat your charges and defense seriously.

Everyone has argument with their boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, but if it gets out of hand and the police are called, you can bet they will show up at your door. And once they do show up, they will take the matter seriously and someone is going to jail. You should take this matter seriously too. A conviction or even allegations of Domestic Violence may effect your rights to child custody or visitation. You or your children could be removed from your home. And you could face prison time.

At Schmierlaw, If You are Charged with Domestic Violence We Will

  • Listen to our client and investigate all the facts related to a Domestic Violence charge
  • Examine any prior history of your accuser for making false statements and accusations about Domestic Violence
  • Work to uncover any reason that person may have for making false accusations
  • Advise you of your options in fighting Domestic Violence charges
  • Use any means necessary to uncover the truth and prove your innocence.
  • Determine whether there are any diversion programs that may be available to keep a Domestic Violence conviction off your record

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