If You Drive, You Will Get Pulled Over
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If You See Flashing Lights in the Rear View Mirror

If you drive, at some point you are going to get pulled over. Face it, we all probably break several driving laws every time you get behind the wheel. Make a right turn, you can be pulled over for not turning into the far right lane. How about making a Michigan left? Just crossing two or three lanes to get to the left turn turnaround is against the law. So, when you do get pulled over, don't make it worse.

Often times, at night, a police officer may pull you over for any minor violation. He does this because he wants to smell you or the car and look at your eyes. Is there alcohol on your breath? Does the car smell like marijuana? Are your eyes glassy when looking at the officer? Often times, being pulled over has nothing to do with the actual offense you may have committed but merely because the officer is curious about you.

If You are Pulled Over

(1) Pull over as soon as you are able. And when you pull over, do it with some grace, slowly and carefully.

(2) Keep your hands visible and don't make "furtive" movements. The police look to see if you are trying to put something under the seat or quickly looking around inside the car .They call this making "furtive movements and will show up in the police report of the stop.

(3) If the police ask if you have been drinking, don't say yes. Say you want to speak to an attorney before answering any questions. If you say yes, the police can ask you to submit to Field Sobriety Tests.

(4) If you have been drinking, even just a little, try not breathe on the officer, but don't make it look obvious.

(5) When he asks for your license and proof of insurance, don't fumble around. It will make the officer suspicious.

(6) Don't ask the officer why he pulled you over. Speaking to many officers, they don't like this question. They think you know why they pulled you over. You might as tell them the truth. If you were speeding, admit it, give them a reasonable reason you were going over the speed limit, and smile and hope for the best. After all, the Officer is a person too and I am sure, he too has driven faster than the speed limit. Probably does it on his way home after his shift

(7) Be polite. Even if you still get a ticket, you may meet him in Court when you try to get the penalties reduced. If the Officer thinks you are a "dickhead", you probably will not get the ticket reduced. If, on the other hand, you were respectful and polite, the officer may appreciate it and nod his approval when the Prosecutor looks to him before lessening the ticket.

Don't Talk Yourself into a Ticket

Don't talk yourself into a ticket, and if you do get one, take it to Court. If you have a decent driving record, you were polite to the officer and lessened his stress, an experienced traffic ticket attorney, probably can get the charge lowered. Schmierlaw will work to protect your driving record and your privilege to drive. Call Us at (248) 705-3742

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