If You Are Arrested for Cocaine or Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is a highly addictive form of cocaine It is usually smoked, and believed to be the most addictive form of cocaine. Other terms used include crack, rock, base and iron, among others. Because of its potential for abuse and/or addiction, crack cocaine is classified as a Schedule 2 drug in Michigan, which means the punishment for those convicted, is serious and major effects on your life.

In Michigan Heroin charges may also include:

If you have been arrested with possession, manufacturing, delivery trafficking, or distributing cocaine or crack cocaine, you are looking at very serious consequences. The laws are quite strict and so will be the judge hearing your case. However, you can fight these charges and receive the best possible outcome. Schmierlaw has experience defending people charged with cocaine and crack offenses and has been successful in getting positive results. If you are charged with a drug crime including cocaine or crack cocaine, it doesn’t mean you should simply accept all the potential consequences without fighting. There may be evidence in your favor that could cause charges to be dismissed. There may be violations of your constitutional rights resulting in the suppression of evidence against you. Or there may be negotiations with the Prosecutor to drop or amend the charges to lesser offenses.

Defenses and Diversion Programs

There are various defense strategies could affect the charges against or reduce the penalties. Were the drugs in your “actual” possession? Or, if not and the Prosecutor alleges “constructive” possession, does that apply in this set of circumstances? How were the drugs discovered and was the discovery the result of an illegal search and seizure that violated your Constitutional Rights. If any of your rights were violated, that any evidence collected in that seach cannot be used against you. And without evidence, the Prosecutor doesn’t have a case against you.

In addition, depending on the circumstances,there are diversion programs available to first time cocaine and crack cocaine drug offenders, and even for repeat offenders

If you wonder why you should hire a criminal defense attorney if you are charged with a cocaine or crack cocaine drug crime, then contact Schmierlaw. We will closely examine the facts, consider the law as it applied to your case, and give you our best advice on fighting your charges and protecting your record and future.

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