If You Been Arrested for Solicitation, Offer to Engage or are Charged with Prostitution

Solicitation of a Prostitute or Offer to Engage mean the same thing. You Offered Money for Sex.

If you have been arrested and charged with Solicitation, Offer to Engage, or Prostitution, your reputation will be damaged, there can be heavy fines, maybe jail time, it may effect your social standing and create problems with your wife, employer and friends. You need an experienced and aggressive Solicitation and Prostitution Defense Attorney to protect your rights, reputation and maybe your marriage.

Prostitution Sting Operations
A solicitation charge may result from a law enforcement sting operation and using a police officer as a decoy to pose as a prostitute. Even if you are just driving home from work, see a woman standing by the side of the road, and just wave, you run the real risk of being arrested for Solicitation or Offering to Engage a Prostitute.

Often times, men caught in a solicitation sting operation have no prior record and want to keep the matter private, not wanting to go to trial so they avoid potentially adverse effects on their marriage, family and employment. In those cases we can work quickly, negotiating with the prosecutor to have the charge reduced possibly to a disorderly conduct charge. And generally, a disorderly conduct charge looks a lot better than solicitation of a prostitute or any sex crime for that matter.

Fighting a Solicitation Charge
If you want to fight the charge of solicitation, we will look at the facts and consider all your defenses such as a misunderstanding between you and the undercover officer or entrapment. If you are convicted of Solicitation, you will have a sex crime on your record, it will affect your career, and it will undoubtably effect your marriage and family. Schmierlaw will work aggressively to keep a solicitation or offer to engage a prostitute conviction off your record.

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